Onstream-guide.com nymphing leader with
in-line traffic light indicator

These leaders with in-line indicators, exclusive to onstream-guide.com, are designed for the modern progressive fly fisher and light long rods in the AFTMA 2-5 range. They are the finest, softest and longest
leaders on the market with 23 feet of front taper, to aid casting and 23 feet of level back line for playing fish. Knotless construction means these tapered leaders can be tied directly to backing on a large arbour fly reel and no fly line is necessary. The long length ensures most fish can be played directly with the leader...the ultimate in light line fly lineless fishing.

These leaders are perfect for all modern short and long techniques including Czech and French nymphing. The leader is constructed from a soft co-polymer which means relatively fine diameters (compared with standard "French leaders") can be handled without fear of burns or cuts that might be encountered handling nylon. Low stretch means the fly fisher can maintain good contact and feel with flies fished at range. Detecting those fish takes at range can be tricky but not with anin line traffic light indicator. Designed to catch the eye in all light conditions with a hard wearing fluorescent finish. Despite incredible visibility these indicators are virtually weightless which together with the slim profile of the indicator ensures it will not interfere during casting and fishing.

Using onstream-guide.com nymphing leaders is simple. Tie the butt end to your chosen fly line backing using a nail knot. Then tie your tippet with your selected nymphs to the tippet ring on the in-line indicator and fish. It's that simple and very effective.

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