Streamer fishing

A streamer is a lure that generally represents a baitfish. Some streamers are attractors. For example this coral streamer tied by the victorious Czech team to catch stocked rainbow trout at the 2011 European Championships.

However for our general stream fishing purposes impressionistic or realistic patterns will be more effective. Trout are born predators and will regularly feed on smaller fish like minnows. Unlike many of my British counterparts I've fished in Canada and the States using a variety of streamers where they are widely used and more effective because of the greater variety of more aggressive trout (compared to Browns in UK rivers). Bull trout, rainbows, cutthroats are all far more likely to hit a well presented streamer.

Our latest range of mini streamers TNT have proved extremely popular with the fish and provide maximum contrast and excellent imitations of small bait fish.  To a trout these are very much alive.  Fished actively (not passively down and across) twitched through deep holes at speed these flies usually bring a smashing response from the fish!  Available August 2017

A streamer caught fish from Alberta

Would these techniques work in the wild brown trout streams in the UK? Well yes streamers can be very effective way of catching larger brown trout in the right conditions. In fact surprisingly easy however few UK
based river fly fishers even carry streamer patterns yet alone use one in anger. Why? Based on the evidence this can only be lack of confidence and belief. In fact streamer fishing can be very effective indeed.