Polish Nymphing

The origins of all short line nymphing techniques were in Poland. Polish nymphing is an upstream short fixed line technique. Unlike in Czech nymphing the fly fisher does not stand perpendicular to the current and dissect the drift, but generally faces upstream. 2 flies are used in Polish nymphing rather than the 3 weighted nymphs in Czech nymphing and it is referred to by many as double nymphing. It is more suited to shallow sections of river and smaller streams than Czech nymphing. A general requirement of Czech nymphing is depth and pace whereas Polish nymphing will take fish in very shallow water indeed.

In the right conditions the fly fisher can make exceptional catches. As with any technique stealth is paramount but especially so in short line nymphing. As shown in the video clip it is possible to hook fish very close to the angler as long as they are not "spooked".