River Nymphs

Our tried and trusted onstream-guide range will remain because good flies remain good flies.  In August 2017 we will be introducing our new Dynamic Nymphing range (DN).  These nymphs designed by a double England Rivers International have been directly influenced by the top of the competition scene and feature slim perdigone type profiles, hot spots and relatively large (oversized) silver beads.  They have been thoroughly stream tested and found to be extremely effective.  Although designed to be used in conjunction with double nymphing or French nymphing techniques they will work whenever fast sinking dense flies are required.  The addition of a soft hackle adds that all important illusion of life.

The RBS nymph above is a perfect point nymph for double nymphing.  Featuring UV flash materials, a red  UV micro chenille  collar this fly is designed to capture a trouts attention fast usually resulting in rod buckling action.  Tied on a size 14 Hends 124 barbless jig hook and a 3.8 mm Silver Tungsten Bead.

DN RBS £1.95 a fly

If a more realistic point nymph is required (crystal clear river) or desired the UV flash caddis is the answer.  Subtle enough to fool the spookiest fish and the addition of a moving soft CDC hackle means even wary fish can be fooled.  Tied throughout with UV active materials.  Although this fly will catch on any stage of a nymphing drift fish will commonly follow the nymph and take it during the lift.  It is again tied on the excellent and strong BL 124 jig hook size 14 with a 3.8 mmm tungsten silver bead.

DN UV flash Caddis £1.95 a fly


Our dropper nymphs featuring 3mm silver Tungsten beads are the Red 5 nymph (left) and the P & O (purple and Olive).  Red 5 sparkles with glints of hidden red and includes a subtle alluring red collar with a delicate CdC hackle.  At first sight not much difference to a standard dark hares ear but the fish notice that red and it usually produces a positive response.  UV purple is in vogue at the moment and the P & O nymph uses this in conjunction with nymph glint. A slim dense profile is contrasted by soft natural materials like partridge in the tail and a CdC hackle.  The result, a nymph that looks like nothing in the river but that brings an electrifying response from the fish.  Tied on a Maruto 14 heavy weight hook for excellent penetration and holding power.

DN Red 5 nymph £1.95

DN P & O nymph £1.95


The Polyphaetis Nymph 

A superb point nymph on a Czech or French nymphing outfit.  Tied on Kamasan B175 hook and available in 3 sizes:  Size10 with 4 mm, 12 and 14  with 3 mm tungsten beads.  £1.50 per fly.  Please select from drop-down menus bead colour and size.

Tungsten Gold bead Polyphaetis- a great cased caddis imitation. 


Tungsten Black bead Polyphaetis- for bright days and spooky fish. 


Flash Back Caddis

Both trout and grayling are real suckers for flies with a bit of bling.  Combine this with a soft English partridge hackle which adds all important inherant movement and the fly becomes the ultimate bottom bug.

Designed to be fished on or near the river bed in gravelly/rocky environments this fly is one of my best catching flies.  I often fish a polyphaetis on the point and this on the dropper when pocket water fishing for fantastic results.

The fly has a wire rib which protects the flashback from the ravages of trout teeth and is very hard wearing. It is tied on a high quality Japanese jig hook (Hends BL120) in size 12 with a black tungsten bead; either 3 mm (for lighter/Summer flows) or depth charger 4 mm (deep fast pocket/Winter flows).

£1.50 per fly. Please select bead size from drop-down menu.



LIMITED EDITION- Rainbow beaded (3mm Tungsten) flash back caddis.  Handsome fly which as proven to be a huge hit with the ladies.  The odd big brownie likes it as well! £1.95 a fly.

                                                                      SOLD OUT

Black Magic Nymph

Flies are tied with nano silk on the highest quality barbless Hends BL120 hooks and materials.

Available in 2 sizes:  size 16, 2 mm tungsten bead- Ideal for use under a duo dry fly and size 14, 3 mm tungsten bead- A perfect "everything and anything" pattern on any nymphing rig. Size 14 Available on separate buy button below.

£1.50 per fly. 

Size 16

Size 14, 3mm bead here:


Bow River "bullet bow" with the black magic nymph in the scissors

Onsteam-Guide "Hotspot" PTN

Certain patterns like Sawyer's Pheasant Tail nymph (PNT) have withstood the passage of time with good reason.  They work! Many natural nymphs in rivers are agile darters like the one pictured.  They are slim with distinctive bumps where the wings are developed and are often segmented.  The pheasant tail mimics this perfectly.

However even classics like the PTN can be improved.  This onstream-guide.com version includes a CDC hackle to mimic the many legs and cilia (small hairs) on the natural bugs.  It also includes a subtle but distinct hotspot.  Enough to attract the attention of the trout but not so garish to have him bolting in fear.  The wing pads are covered with a light covering of bug bond to leave an ultra tough little fly.

Perfect for everyday nymphing and fished under a duo dry fly. The 2 mm tungsten bead ensures the fly gets down to the right depth quickly. Tied on high quality Hends BL120 size16 Jig hooks. £1.50 per fly.

Bow River Brown, Calgary on the hotspot PTN

Hare's Ears nymphs

The hare’s ear in all formats remains one of the best all round river flies in the world!  The mini and micro ribbed hare’s ears illustrated, are the result of many hours and weeks  stream testing to find the ultimate small nymph pattern. This is an important task given that the majority of kick samples in rivers generally uncover a collection of smudges usually size 18 or less.

One of the biggest problems is that small hooks with small gapes usually result in poor hook holds and lost fish. The grab gape barbless hook used in this pattern is the perfect antidote to this and really holds fish because although the gape is maintained the hook shank is 3 X short meaning small patterns can be tied on hooks with excellent holding ability.  As with all hares ear flies it is in the water that this fly really shines. The UV hare’s ear body absorbs water and swells to produce a superb translucent profile that few trout can resist. 

The silver 2mm tungsten bead adds mass and is suggestive of an air bubble.  It is an extremely popular and successful bead. The red tag version of this fly has been a revelation and has landed more fish for me this season than any other pattern.  And the plain version has been a go to fly in drought conditions. Available in size 14 (mini) and size 16 (micro) pictured with a British 1 pence for size comparison.  Note, because the  hook is 3 X short the pattern is much smaller than the sizes suggest.  Perfect as a duo fly, as a point fly on a team of spiders or on the top dropper of a European nymphing rig. High quality Hends BL510 hooks used to tie these flies on.

£1.50 per fly only! Please select required type and size from the drop-down menu. 

Type and size

Rainbow Nymph

Tied with hand stripped peacock quill, a golden plover soft hackle and a 3 mm rainbow tungsten bead on a modern barbless jig hook (Hends BL120 size 14), this nymph is reassuringly expensive.  It is also a great catching pattern with oodles of inherent movement and a great profile.  It can be fished on the top dropper of a Czech nymph rig where it does an excellent job of imitating emerging flies.  It can also be fished upstream under and indicator or fished down and across as a weighted spider pattern.  A versatile all round fish catching nymph. 

Only £1.75 per fly!

Plover Nymph

Few traditional patterns have withstood the passage of time like North Country Spiders or Soft Hackles to our visitors from over the pond.  These flies work based on the principle of movement and a slim delicate profile that fish find irresistible. 

The hares lug, quill and plover spider or nymph illustrated is one of my greatest catching flies based on the traditional hare’s ear and plover.  The addition of a quill body makes the fly even more attractive and the golden plover hackle is a rare, delicate and beautiful addition with superb contrast and movement.

Spider patterns are versatile and can be fished in many ways not just the down and across or across and down methods.  Add ghink to fish the spider as a dry where it gives a superb impression of a vulnerable trapped emerger.  The great spider fishers of the past like W.C. Stewart in the Practical Angler insisted that spiders should be fished upstream and submerged.  The hare’s lug, quill and plover spider can be fished with success using all these methods and is particularly effective in a hatch of olives. Available on size 14 barbless high quality Japanese Maruto D04 BL hooks.

The nymph version of the hare’s lug, quill and plover can be  added to a team of spiders to take them sub surface when fishing across and down or used as a duo nymph where it is a superb catching fly. It features a 2mm tungsten bead and is tied on a size 16 jig hook (Hends BL120).

Only £1.50 per fly. Please add to cart.

Plover Spider

Plover Nymph

Fly Selection Boxes

The Onstream-Guide Fly Selection Boxes offer excellent value for money for premium river flies and include the fly boxes free of charge.  The nymph and dry fly boxes can be purchased separately below.  These fly compilations are proven favourite flies that have worked in every stream we have ever fished all over the world.

Nymph Selection Box

A selection of generally heavier nymphs with tungsten beads designed for modern techniques like Czech nymphing. They will also work very well fished upstream under an indicator or for high sticking.

  • Black Polyphaets size 10 & 12 x 3
  • Gold Polyphaetis size 10 & 12 x 3
  • Black Magic nymph size 14, 3mm bead x 6
  • Flash Back caddis size 12, 3mm & 4mm x 6
  • Rainbow nymph x 3
  • Hare's ears nymph size 14 x 3

Total 36 flies. This is a great selection of flies with proven track record.  The flies are presented in a superb small tough clear fly box. Bought separately these flies would cost £54.75.

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