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Soft Hackle Large Dark Olive

Materials: Maruto DO4BL HW size14 hook (available here), Coq de Leon medium pardo, UV hares ear plus 06 olive brown or 07 olive dubbing (available here), select CdC (available here), Soft Jungle cock spade feathers, Roman Moser power silk fluo orange thread 10/0.

Set the hook in the vice, tie in the thread and add 3-4 strands of Coq de Leon medium pardo as a tail and tie those in.  Add the body which is UV hares ear (brown olive or olive) and form a decent taper to just over half of the way up to the eye.

Select two matching CdC feathers.  Pair them either side of the hook shank and hold with 3-4 loose turns of thread in position.  Pull the two CdC wings at the same time to get the desired size and shape as shown and then secure with firm turns of thread in front and behind the wing.

Secure the CdC stalks up  to the hook eye as shown very firmly before trimming.  This will prevent the CdC pulling out during fishing.  Trim the CdC feather and tie in the tips of the soft Jungle cock spade feather as shown.

Winding the feather anticlockwise take the first full turn of the hackle behind the CdC wing

The next 2 full turns are in front of the CdC wing.  Tie off the thread.  Trim any excess feather with sits directly downwards or points upwards leaving those soft hackles to represent natural legs.  The fly is complete and sits with the perfect natural footprint to imitate the early season large dark olive.

If you would like to purchase the materials for the fly please visit this page.